Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our Testimonials of Frankie's Virtual Visit

"I really liked when you told us that there is always a blessing in something bad that happens. It was also cool when you showed us how to put Frankie in her wheels." Ashlea Age 9

"I really enjoyed when I got to ask questions! I was very excited when I got to ask my question. Frankie must be a truly happy dog" Amanpreet, Age 9

"Our Skype was so fun! I really like when Frankie put on her life jacket for the bathtub. I also liked her train costume. I really liked learning more about Frankie" Josh, Age 9

"My favourite part was when we found out what it was like to have a disability. I enjoyed talking to you and Frankie. I really liked the video of her walking. I think she should be in the Olympics." Cassie Age 9

"Our Skype experience was amazing. I liked learning about Frankie. Frankie looked cute in her costume." Stephanie Age 9

"I really liked how we got to Skype with you and Frankie. It was a great experience seeing Frankie. Thank you once more for choosing our class. That was very exciting. I loved it!" Jazzie Age 9

"Our Skype experience was so fun! It was so cool how we learned so much about Frankie!" Dakota Age 9

"I really enjoyed Skyping with Frankie and Barb. I really liked when Frankie was in the Pet Hall of Fame because I never thought that any kind of pet could actually be in the Pet Hall of Fame! Thank you Barb for skyping. I really really liked it!" Rachel Age 9

"My class and I loved the picture of Frankie and Kylie cuddled up together. We were amazed by the book you read us!" Brandon Age 8

"My favourite part was talking to you and Frankie and have a great experience with you. I loved learning about how Frankie got hurt." Aly Age 9

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  1. My mom and I are so grateful for all your wonderful thoughts on our Skype visit! We are so happy to know you are all our friends. We had such a great time with all of you!! And we love your blog!! ARF-A-ROO!!